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Mirror Newspaper, March 16, 06, Vol. 2, No. 28

By Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC

Having a set purpose and destination, conquering the
enemy, and overcoming all barriers in the way is how
many of today’s video games are designed.  There are certain strategies and weapons to help you win.  With practice you discover more efficient ways to get to where you are going.  And as you move through each new level, you find new challenges presenting themselves. You rarely get a break from the battle.  You keep going until you encounter another setback, face defeat or triumphantly succeed. 

Isn’t life much like this—a journey that takes us through battles, challenges, conquest and defeat?  We are always trying to conquer the level we are on and move on to the next.  We want to win.  We want to be successful and happy.  And we want peace in our lives.  Yet we find that new challenges never cease to come into our lives.  And we quickly learn that in the battlefield there are many casualties.  We face losses along the way.  We conquer one battle and enjoy the victory until the next one arises. 

In order to win any battle we need mighty weapons with which to fight and conquer the enemy.  The mind is the battlefield and God has provided all the weapons we need to win.  Living in deception and believing lies about our self-worth, our abilities, our future, our purpose; lies about others and about God will weaken us and set us up for defeat.  We need to find out the truth because it is the truth that will set us free. 

As we journey through life we are either in a battle, coming out of one, or about to enter one.  That is why God has provided us with His armor—the helmet of salvation to protect our minds, the breastplate of righteousness to guard our hearts and emotions, the belt of truth to keep us from deception, the sandals of peace to help us to walk where He leads us, the shield of faith which is our confidence in the Lord, and the sword of His Spirit, which is His word.  We are also equipped with the power of prayer and praise to help us defeat every enemy that comes against us. 

God’s provided you with everything you need to overcome life’s problems, face new challenges, and move forward in your life.  You don’t have to go to battle without the proper gear or preparation.  You can use every piece of God’s armor.  You can count on His power and strength.  With His help you will win every battle you will ever face.  It is time for you to go to the next level.  God is for you.  You are on the winning team.  So stand strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.  The battle belongs to the Lord and He wins every time.
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Life Can Be a Battle
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Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC is a psychotherapist, author, teacher & musician. She is the cofounder of New Day Counseling, a family counseling, couples counseling, & child therapy center and, an award-winning, self-help and inspirational site where you can find hundreds of free resources, insights & inspiration.
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