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Signs Of Anxiety - When Anxiety Becomes A Disorder
By Ned D'Agostino

Everyone feels a little anxiety at some times in their life. If they didn't they wouldn't be human. It's a natural reaction to circumstances, and a reaction that can often produce a favorable response. Anxiety helps us respond to a dangerous situations appropriately. And it can help us do our jobs better in pressure situations. But there's a limit. Some people feel anxiety for no apparent reason. It ruins their life, and causes them to stay indoors or out of social situations. It can lead to feeling like you are having a heart attack. It is in these situations that anxiety becomes a disorder. It's important to look for the signs of anxiety to understand whether or not your feelings are normal or something worse.

First understand that you are not alone. Anxiety disorders, along with related problems like panic attacks or obsessive compulsive disorder, are actually quite common. Both men and women can experience this although for some as yet unknown reason women are more prone to it. The treatments are many and can range from medications to therapy. The key is learning how to cope with your anxiety disorder so you can get on with living. A cure rarely happens overnight. It is a gradual and learned process. Stick with your treatment and you'll slowly learn how to avoid situations that cause discomfort, learn how to better cope with those situations, and finally get to the point where anxiety and panic attacks are no longer a problem.

So first determine if anxiety is a problem in your life. The signs are many, and they will vary in intensity for different people. People with anxiety disorder may feel tired, impatient or restless. They can have a hard time concentrating, be irritable and feel on edge. Shortness of breath, headache and diarrhea can all be signs of generalized anxiety disorder. Other signs include sweating, insomnia, stomach ache and muscle tension.

Do you feel worried all the time, even when you realize there is nothing to worry about? Then you may have an anxiety disorder. In severe cases of anxiety and panic attacks a person feels like he or she is having a heart attack. A quick trip to the doctor will reveal that is not the case. But those are severe (and somewhat common unfortunately) cases. A generalized anxiety disorder frequently starts early in life, and the symptoms develop and gradually worsen over time. In these generalized cases, someone may not even remember the last time they felt relaxed.

If after reading this list you feel like you have signs of anxiety disorder, see a doctor. Tell him what you are feeling. Remember there are plenty of treatments available. You don't have to go through life worried and stressed.

For more information on ways to fight anxiety visit - You'll hear one woman's story of severe panic attacks and and the steps she took to finally take control of her life again.

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