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Signs Of Anxiety - When Anxiety Becomes A Disorder By Ned D'Agostino
Everyone feels a little anxiety at some times in their life. If they didn't they wouldn't be human. It's a natural reaction to circumstances, and a reaction that can often produce a favorable response. Anxiety helps us respond to a dangerous situations appropriately. And it can help us do our jobs better in pressure situations. But there's a limit. Some people feel anxiety for no apparent reason. It ruins their life, and causes them to stay indoors or out of social situations. It can lead to feeling like you are having a heart attack. It is in these situations that anxiety becomes a disorder. Read Full Article
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I cured myself of acute anxiety!
Well firstly, they are not mental illnesses, they are behavioural conditions which are stored as memory, habit and instinct in an organ called the Amygdala, seated inside the subconscious brain; and, secondly, I don’t like the term disorder, it implies illness and inappropriate anxiety isn’t an illness, it’s inappropriate anxiety... which can be reduced to an appropriate level very quickly indeed!

Psychologists and doctors are wrong! Anxiety disorder doesn’t require drug treatment, in fact, drug treatment is counter-productive; neither does it require counselling or psychological analysis, anxiety can't be analyzed, by its very nature, anxiety disorder is a 'physical' heightening of normal anxiety levels... true, the catalyst for the increased anxiety may have been some kind of trauma, but this is NOT the cause, the cause is simply the new, higher level of anxiety and THIS can easily be corrected.
At one point or another, nearly 1 out of every 60 people suffer from anxiety. Although it is not always properly identified, it is important to have a full understanding of the variety of causes of anxiety, as well as how they are identified.

In today’s society, there are many things that can cause anxiety. Anxiety is more prevalent today due to things like financial and work matters and the instability of the world we live in.

Financial problems are one of the most common causes of anxiety. With easy access to credit cards, people often find themselves buried in debt. For many, this type of debt can be very serious and can cause severe anxiety and stress problems.

Relationships, whether they are work related or personal, are also very common causes of anxiety. With the divorce rate being higher than ever, more and more people find themselves dealing with anxiety. Both the breakdown of the marriage and the aftermath, contribute to higher anxiety levels.

Another common trigger of anxiety is work. Many employees find they do not have job security and work in a volatile environment. Today’s companies are trying to perform more tasks, with fewer employees. Therefore, employees find they have a heavier workload, thereby causing more anxiety and stress.

Some common anxiety symptoms are:

- Little or no sex drive- Unable to concentrate- Little or no appetite- Overall restlessness- Feeling like you are being judged or watched- Withdrawing from social settings- Muscle tension and stress

These are just a few of the more common anxiety symptoms. However, if anxiety is left untreated, more several symptoms can occur. Therefore, the earlier you get help for your anxiety, the easier it is to deal with it. If left untreated, emotional and physical illnesses can occur.

If you believe you have anxiety, be sure to speak with you doctor. He can then properly diagnose you and determine the best and most effective course of action for you.

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The Truth about Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD & Phobias
By Charles G Linden
So what can be done? It’s simple, the Amygdala which is confirmed by the National Institute of Mental Health as the cause of anxiety disorders, stores the anxious response as habitual memory or instinctual memory which reacts independently of ‘conscious’ control. You just can’t control it by thinking about it!

So, when this organ becomes ‘re-set’ at a higher than normal benchmark level of anxiety due to catalysts such as stress, work pressure, bereavement, or whatever, the subconscious continues to fire anxious signals out from it even though YOU know ‘consciously’ that it is wrong... it should have returned to normal, but through a process called 'operant conditioning', it 'learns' to stay at this high level. (Operant conditioning is the process that happens when we learn any new skill by repetition, e.g. driving, instrument etc).

By undermining this anxious reaction and replacing it with a 'more appropriate' reaction, the Amygdala can be ‘re-set’ to a completely appropriate ‘normal’ anxiety level… this eliminates the inappropriate anxiety completely and restores normality; free form anxiety symptoms, panic attacks, OCD and phobias... PERMANENTLY!

It makes so much sense. Let us show you your 'Roadmap To Freedom From Anxiety'

Charles Linden is author and developer of The Linden Method for anxiety, panic attacks, ocd and phobias and is director and founder of The Linden Centres International.

© Charles Linden 2006

Article Source:
How To Spot Anxiety Problems
By Shane Baxter
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Cured of Acute Anxiety
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